• THE MARKETING SYSTEM - The 500 Dollar Blueprint Marketing System includes a capture page, autoresponder and a dashboard to track your leads and referrals. 
  • THE ADVERTISING CO-OP You don't have to sell or recruit as a member of the Blueprint.  We've partnered with leading digital marketers, social media experts and solo ad vendors who have the power to drive traffic to the Blueprint. More people buy memberships. More money in your pocket! 
  • TRAINING Live weekly webinars, with Q&A, access to the Training Room, and Facebook Group Support. You'll learn everything you need to know about developing a successful online presence, including how to engage on Facebook, monetizing YouTube and selling on Craigslist.
  •  THE MATRIX Your guaranteed spot in the Blueprint's 4x5. Earn $1 for everyone who purchases a membership and joins your matrix, down 5 levels. This is a matrix will not stall! Potential income: $1000 or more residually. 
  • JOIN BEFORE THE LAUNCH - Current members and those who join now are "grandfathered" and will only pay $10 per month. If you join after the launch, membership is $20 per month.  Next step: click the button below!